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This is THE resource for people who are seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, and legal professionals who are informed about the diversity of consensual, adult sexuality.

Trauma Specialist and Sexpert

815 Hyde street

San Francisco, CA 94109

United States

Contact Name: Quandra Chaffers

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 4159350702


Insurance Accepted: No

Kink Awareness: Kink-KnowledgeableWhat does this mean?

I believe the natural solution to sexual trauma is sexual health. As a Certified EMDR Therapist, I help you to overcome flashbacks and depression. I work to help you reclaim a sense of safety and to regain a sense of control over their bodies. I work with teenagers and adults to change their stories from “What’s wrong with me?” to “What happened to me?” As a sex therapist, I support clients who are gender non-conforming, queer, kinky, poly, and live alternative lifestyles. I also delve gently into sexuality issues related to fertility, relationships, affairs, safer sex, unwanted sexual behaviors, low libido and much more. 

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