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Sample Consent Policy - Sample Consent Policy for groups involved in BDSM-Leather-Fetish, swinging, and polyamory lifestyles

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SAMPLE Consent Policy

Groups and events involved in BDSM-Leather-Fetish, swinging, and polyamory lifestyles are ethically responsible for creating a group culture that values consent. Part of that responsibility is to regularly provide education about consent to help prevent consent incidents from happening at your events. You also need to have clearly marked delegates who are available to assist the attendees in case there is a consent incident.

Establish a consent policy for events and parties that includes the following rules:

  1. No touching people or personal property without permission.
  2. Treat everyone as an equal, and only engage in verbal role-play if you have permission. For example, don’t call someone as “Mistress” or “slave” or any other role-play word unless you’ve asked for permission.
  3. Negotiate the scope of your scene prior to the activities, including whether there will be any contact with the breasts and genitals. The bottom must give verbal consent to the proposed acts before the scene begins.
  4. Each participant is responsible to make sure everyone involved has the mental and emotional ability to give informed and voluntary consent for the scene.
  5. Depending on all participants’ state of mind, we recommend that you don’t renegotiate in the middle of your scene. When a person is in subspace or otherwise not in a clear state of mind, you may not have informed consent even though they agree in the heat of the moment. 
  6. Anyone can withdraw consent, make a nonverbal safesign or use the universal safeword “Red” at any time. Once consent is withdrawn, the activity must stop immediately. Partners need to share the safewords or safesigns that are being used.
  7. The top is legally responsible for stopping the activities at any suggestion that the bottom has withdrawn consent. The bottom is ethically responsible for being clear and unequivocal when withdrawing consent. 
  8. If you experience or witness a consent incident, tell a play monitor or clearly marked delegate of the event organizer immediately. Violation of this consent policy may result in expulsion from the event or group. No one is exempt from the rules. 
  9. Disclaimer: Every reasonable effort will be made to enforce this policy, but this organization makes no representations or guarantees about its ability to do so, and all participants/attendees retain full, sole responsibility for their safety and the safety of others with whom they interact.

  NCSF materials are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.