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Susan Wright - NCSF - In The News

on Friday, 22 December 2017. Posted in NCSF in the News!, Front Page Headline

Kinky Cast

This week Woody & the Beast have their annual talk with Susan Wright of the NCSF.  With all the news of high profile men, finally having to admit the sins of their past and as the result, they loose their jobs.  High profile jobs, news anchors, senators, movie actors and producers.  How’s next the President?  Susan gives perspective on this sign of the times.  Susan Wright spends the bulk of her time acting as an educator and advocate for people who have been persecuted for their sexual preferences. She does this through her work with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom — which she founded — and through a multitude of other projects. In the other half of her life, she has published over 30 novels over the course of her writing career, many of them sexually charged fantasy novels. Considering her output, you’d assume she’d have no time left over after she finished plotting out storylines, writing manuscripts, and making her way through the editing process.

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