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Patreon Is Suspending Adult Content Creators Because of Its Payment Partners

on Sunday, 01 July 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates


“This is bigger than us & Patreon. It’s a world wide crack down on freedom of expression, on women, on marginalised people, on sex and sex work, on non conventional forms of labour that counter the status quo: the domination of corporations and patriarchy. On dissent,” Ashley wrote. “Just to be clear what is at stake, this is my whole income, my livelihood.”

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  • Brynn

    05 August 2018 at 22:09 |
    I had R rated erotic content suspended. I followed federal guidelines, g-string and breast covers. No sexual demonstration.I am upset and appalled about the smothering of civil rights in the issue. I have a seminary degree. I am not involved in porn in any way. It is freedom of expression and we are not getting a chance to assert anything. I think the complaints were coming from the models that have had had to pay a lot up front and are malicious toward the erotic more talented models or something. I don't quite trust Patreon financially. Where is all the money going?


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