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That controversial ‘sex-positive’ club in Tacony never closed and neighbors no longer care

on Thursday, 20 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

The Inquirer

“I think one of the biggest concerns was the shock factor, that this was going to be like a swingers club," said Pete Smith, who inherited the dispute when he became president of the civic association in May. “There were some misinterpretations, myself included. But look, they haven’t been a problem. ... No one’s complained, so their business is not affecting anybody, and when I came in as president, I took a look at it and thought, why can’t we just work together?”

Here's what Tumblr's adult content ban means for its loyal users

on Monday, 17 December 2018. Posted in NCSF in the News!, Front Page Headline, Media Updates

NY Daily News

Susan Wright, spokesperson for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), noted the impact Tumblr’s ban may have. “They are really missing the goal of being able to being able to talk about responsible sexuality, which is being to be able to talk about yourself... to get peer support and talk about what you want to do.”

Wright said initiatives like Tumblr’s go beyond finding community and exploring sexuality — they can create discrimination and cause problems like with child custody issues in the LGBTQ communities.

Kinky sex can rekindle the spark in the bedroom

on Sunday, 16 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

The Orion

Finding the type of kinky sex you want to give a try is a really important step. Going into a situation and saying you are open to anything is rarely true. Often times people have a limit but they are afraid to tell it to a partner. Disappointing your partner should never be a concern when you uncomfortable with an act.

What to Know About Open Relationships Before You Even Think About Trying One

on Saturday, 15 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates


But specific rules and parameters always vary. Some couples only date other couples, says Sheff. Other times, couples might agree on guidelines, such as: “don’t bring anyone home," “don’t have intercourse but you can fool around,” “don’t fall in love,” or “only on Tuesday nights,” notes Zapien.

BDSM: when is sadomasochism an act of domestic violence?

on Tuesday, 11 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

The Conversation

There are many good reasons for revisiting the principle in Brown and updating the law. Those who engage in S&M as part of a healthy sex life should be able to inflict consensual harm without being unfairly criminalised. But we also need to ensure that victims of abuse are protected. This is a delicate balancing act and it’s no surprise that successive governments have been unwilling to address the question of consent in this area.

The internet war on sex is here

on Monday, 10 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates


But the arc of internet sex censorship is long, and it bends as far away from justice (and reason) as possible. Corporations controlling the internet had been steadily (and sneakily, hypocritically) moving this direction all along, at great expense to women, LGBT people, artists, educators, writers, and marginalized communities — and to the delight of bigots and conservatives everywhere.

New Facebook Policy Sparks Fears of Sex Talk Crackdown

on Thursday, 06 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates

PC Magazine

The company has quietly updated its content-moderation policies to crack down on implicit requests for sex.

The expanded policy specifically bans "sexual slang," hints of "sexual roles, positions or fetish scenarios," and erotic art when mentioned with a sex act. Vague, but suggestive statements such as "looking for a good time tonight" when soliciting sex are also no longer allowed.

When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?

on Wednesday, 05 December 2018. Posted in Front Page Headline, Media Updates


She also points out that many of Tumblr users are women, much or most of the explicit content on Tumblr “was made by, for, and about women,” and that Tumblr’s “all porn” reputation stems from the fact that “women were thrilled to finally find porn that fit their interests, and wanted to foster that community as much as possible.” The decision to squash all that, she says, is gendered, and a major loss.

“I’m just sad, plain and simple,” Stephanie Michelle says. “I built up relationships with my followers … I found artists and writers I fell in love with. Tumblr’s actions reinforce that sex workers and NSFW creators are bad and negative — that they simply shouldn’t exist.”

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