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Media Update - July 27, 2008

1. One writer - husband in tow - scopes out the scene at a surreal social club
2. Defense Attorney Asks for New Judge in Upcoming 'Mineola Swingers Club' Trial
3. Dominatrix "sorry" for racing chief orgy row
4. Dominatrix says she regrets filming Mosley sex scene
5. Burlesque queen wins suit over dominatrix
6. Racing chief wins in S&M orgy case
7. Duncanville doesn't want Swingtown image
8. Bondage death garners murder charge
9. Texas swingers club a profitable enterprise, court documents show.

NCSF Media Updates represent a sampling of recent stories printed in US
newspapers, magazines, and selected websites containing significant
mention of SM-leather-fetish, polyamory, or swing issues and topics.

These stories may be positive, negative, accurate, inaccurate - or
anywhere in between.

NCSF publishes the Updates to provide readers a comprehensive look at what
media outlets are writing about these topics. NCSF permits and encourages
readers to forward these Updates where appropriate.

One writer - husband in to - scopes out the scene at a surreal socal club
by Erin Mantz
July 29, 2008

The 1970s are over, but some things seem to be making a comeback: lava
lamps, wallpaper, Donna Summer's concert tour and - swingers. The
fascination with "the lifestyle" (as swingers fondly call it) is seeping
into suburban, upper-middle class social scenes. Over drinks and dessert,
discussions once focused on home renovations and restaurant openings are
giving way to talk about wife-swapping and tales of key parties down the

Last month, I attended an end-of-the-elementary-school-year family
barbecue in my woodsy suburban neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C.
Sitting with four other couples as the kids played Wii downstairs, the
parents' conversations turned from second grade teacher reputations and
fourth quarter grades to the rumored "swingers" parties one community
over. Those of us who had heard it before had a twinkle in their eyes.
Those who hadn't heard it were shocked then extremely curious. I swear
every mom and dad's ears perked up and hung on every word; even the most
conservative-seeming mom of the bunch pepped up.

... I got myself an invitation to a swingers club. For one night, I was
told I would have access to the entire club and get introduced to women
who could answer my overriding questions of "why do you do it?" and "how
can you do it?" The mystery began to unravel at every turn, down every
hallway, and in between the many stares and smiles of strangers.

The Tabu Social Club in Catonsville, Md. is tucked behind a nondescript
building and a 7-11, but once you see the blue awning with a fancy "T" you
know you're in the right place. I remember marveling at how their
elaborate black iron gate gave the entryway an almost regal quality. A bit
shaky as I climbed the steps of the building, I braced myself for what I
might find. For all the talk and joking around I had done with friends
about this subject, coming face to face with the lifestyle could be
something else altogether.

Three things struck me about the club atmosphere and clientele: Everyone
seemed to be in a great mood (and this is before the action of the night
began), lots of people seemed to know each other and everyone seemed
pretty relaxed. The owners ran their club like a business, socialized like
a host and hostess would anywhere, and seemed proud to preside over a club
that so many people "in the lifestyle" called home on weekend nights.

As for the swinging and social scene - strange - yes. Sexual - absolutely.
Sleazy? Only a few people who were so scantily dressed my head spun.
Surreal? You bet.

But, on the surface, and behind the scenes, it was all very
well-orchestrated as couples who'd communicated online met up or new ones
greeted others. For the swingers that Saturday night, life seemed pretty
good at the Tabu Social Club. People may not understand it or condone it,
but perhaps they ought to respect the choice. Whether you are a woman
swept up in thinking about the swingers phenomenon or curious to explore
it, the big question on your mind must be this: Why do married women do


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Defense Attorney Asks for New Judge in Upcoming 'Mineola Swingers Club' Trial
by staff writer
Tyler Morning Telegraph (Tyler, TX)
July 28, 2008

The attorney for a defendant charged in the "Mineola Swingers Club" case
wants a new judge to preside over the trial.

Thad Davidson, who represents Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly, has filed a
motion to have 241st District Judge Jack Skeen Jr. recused.

Skeen's "impartiality might reasonably be questioned", the motion said.

In the motion Davidson alleges that Skeen has wrongly turned himself into
a fact-finder by sifting through the state's evidence, that Skeen's
handling of a change of venue motion filed by Davidson was unfair to
himself and his client, and that Skeen was unfair in providing Child
Protective Services records to both defense and prosecuting attorneys.

Davidson is requesting that another trial judge - "preferably from another
county" - be assigned to preside.

If Skeen does not voluntarily recuse himself from the case, another judge
will be appointed to preside over a hearing on the matter and make a final

Kelly, 41, is set to go on trial on Aug. 4. He is charged with engaging in
organized criminal activity and aggravated assault of a child for
allegedly forcing two young siblings to have sex with each other in 2004.
He faces five years to life in prison for each charge.

He is also charged with tampering with evidence for allegedly destroying
evidence in the case, including costumes the children wore when they
performed for audiences and videotapes of the children performing skits
and having sex with each other. Kelly faces two to 10 years in prison if
convicted of the third-degree felony.

The victims in the Mineola Swingers' Club case - three siblings who are
now a 10-year-old girl, a 9-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl and their
9-year-old aunt - all have testified that Kelly and his co-defendants
taught them, beginning at age 5, how to dance and perform sex acts in
"kindergarten", then forced them to dance and have sex with each other in
front of an audience at the Mineola Swingers' Club. The defendants
collected money for the performances but only paid the children with food.
The children were also given "silly pills", or drugs, before they danced
in the club.


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Dominatrix "sorry" for racing chief orgy row
by staff writer
Reuters news wire (via The US Daily)
July 26, 2008

LONDON (Reuters) - The woman who filmed motor racing chief Max Mosley
taking part in a sado-masochistic orgy and sold the story to a British
tabloid newspaper has apologized for the trouble it caused.

On Thursday, Mosley, 68, won 60,000 pounds ($119,100) in damages at
London's High Court from the News of the World newspaper for breaching his
privacy by reporting details of a German-themed sex session with five

The paper's story, which claimed Mosley, son of Britain's 1930s Fascist
leader Oswald Mosley, had taken part in a "sick Nazi orgy" was based on
footage captured by one of the women involved in the sex session, referred
to in court as "Woman E."

In an interview with Sky News, she said there had been no Nazi element and
was sorry for the trouble it had caused Mosley, president of Formula One's
governing body.

"It was never talked about that it was going to be a Nazi scene, we just
had confirmation to say that it was going to be a German prison scenario,"
the self-confessed dominatrix said.

"I can only apologize for what has happened but it's not going to take
back all the damage that has been done."

The woman, a mother-of-two who Sky said was called Michelle, said the
scandal had also forced her husband to quit his job as an agent for
Britain's MI5 security service.


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Dominatrix says she regrets filming Mosley sex scene
by staff writer
AP news wire (via USA Today)
July 25, 2008

LONDON (AP) - A dominatrix who secretly filmed the president of Formula
One's governing body in a sadomasochistic orgy said Friday she regretted
her actions, which she said led to her husband's resignation from MI5,
Britain's domestic spy agency.

The mother of two - known only as Woman E - said she also was sorry for
causing pain to Max Mosley's wife, who was apparently unaware of the

"No money is worth the sort of trouble and anguish it's caused everybody,"
the woman told Britain's Sky News, saying she was paid $40,000 by the News
of the World to film the sex session. "I have been stupid, naive, and I
wish I'd never done it."

She said her actions had prompted her husband to resign from MI5 where he
had worked as a surveillance officer.

"He actually resigned to save any embarrassment for the service. He
decided that the best thing to do was just be right and resign and save
them any embarrassment," she said.

A British judge ruled Thursday that the tabloid breached the motorsport
chief's privacy with a story claiming that the orgy he took part in had a
Nazi theme. The newspaper now faces a legal bill of almost $2 million
after Judge David Eady ordered it to pay damages and Mosley's legal costs,
as well as its own.

Eady said he found no evidence that Mosley's role playing encounter with
five women was intended to be an enactment of Nazi behavior.

The blonde middle-aged woman told Sky there had been no Nazi overtones,
though Mosley took part in a German prison scenario where other women wore
German uniforms and spoke German. Mosley is the son of the late Oswald
Mosley, Britain's leading fascist politician in the 1930s and a friend of
Adolf Hitler.

"I know for a fact, that it was spoken about, that Max actually found it
quite a turn-on to speak to them in German. He liked the German language.
It was prison uniforms because we were doing a German prison scene. But it
wasn't Nazi," said the woman.

She said she saw the filming for the News of the World as an "opportunity."

"I spoke to my husband. It was going to be more of a joke situation than
anything. I didn't know how big it was going to be. And I certainly didn't
know how big the response would be over Max Mosley and the importance of

She said she knew her actions had caused great damage to Mosley's family.

"I feel really sorry for Mrs. Mosley and her family. It's devastating for
her. She didn't ask for this and I'm very sorry that it came out as it
did. I don't think enough sorries could make up for this. I do feel


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Burlesque queen wins suit over dominatrix
from wire reports
The Daily Breeze (Los Angeles, CA)
July 25, 2008

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese and Los Angeles-based dominatrix Cynthia
Butler have settled a lawsuit that gives Von Teese the rights to a 2001
fetish film she starred in called "Slick City."

Von Teese, whose real name is Heather Sweet, claimed Butler stole her half
of the rights to the film and cash. She filed suit in Los Angeles Superior
Court on Jan. 8 and her allegations included fraud and intentional

According to a stipulated judgment filed by Butler's lawyer on Wednesday,
"all rights and inventory, including masters of the film `Slick City,"'
will be returned to Von Teese.

Butler's attorney, C. Curtis Edmondson, was not immediately available for

Keith A. Fink, one of Von Teese's lawyers, said he and his client are
happy with the resolution.

"It didn't take Solomonic wisdom ... to realize they better give back to
Dita all her intellectual property rights to "Slick City," Fink said.
"Just as we stated in our complaint, Dita always owned the rights to
`Slick City' and any claim she relinquished her rights was false."

The resolution is "a victory for Dita as it achieved precisely what we
sought -- Dita again has ownership in the `Slick City' intellectual
property and she got back the masters of the movie all all the `Slick
City' inventory," Fink said.

According to her lawsuit, Von Teese, who also works as a model, agreed to
share profits and split the rights to her film with "Slick City" producer
Bob Zahurak.

After Zahurak died, his widow and other business affiliates of distributor
GwenMedia Inc. assured Von Teese that she would have full ownership of the
film, her court papers said.

Von Teese claimed that Butler, who has also starred in various fetish
films under the name Isabella Sinclaire, told her that she would be taking
Zahurak's estate and GwenMedia to court in an effort to recover past-due
royalties from her films.

But unknown to Von Teese, Butler sought and won the rights to GwenMedia's
entire film library, including "Slick City," and intentionally failed to
inform the court that Von Teese is the true owner of the title, according
to her lawsuit. Under the settlement, any royalty claims Von Teese
maintains she has regarding "Slick City" will be made against Zahurak's
estate and not Butler.

Von Teese, 35, was married to shock rocker Marilyn Manson from 2005-07.


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Racing chief wins in S&M orgy case
AP press wire via The Chicago Sun-Times
July 25, 2008

LONDON -- After the sting of scandal, Max Mosley can feel the balm of

A British judge ruled Thursday that a tabloid newspaper breached the
motorsport chief's privacy with a story claiming that a sadomasochistic
orgy he took part in had a Nazi theme.

The News of the World faces a legal bill of almost 1 million pounds ($2
million) after the judge ordered it to pay damages and Mosley's legal
costs, as well as its own.

Mosley said the ruling proves that his now-famous interest in
sadomasochism is a purely private matter.

But some legal experts doubt the financial blow to the newspaper will be
large enough to deter the prying of Britain's scandal-hungry tabloid

High Court judge David Eady ruled that Mosley, president of the governing
body that oversees Formula One racing, ''had a reasonable expectation of
privacy in relation to sexual activities (albeit unconventional) carried
on between consenting adults on private property.''

The judge said he had found no evidence that Mosley's role-playing
encounter with five women ''was intended to be an enactment of Nazi
behavior or adoption of any of its attitudes.''

''There was bondage, beating and domination, which seem to be typical of
S&M behavior,'' Eady said.

Mosley's fondness for caning and spanking has become public knowledge
since the News of the World ran a story in March giving details of his
encounters with five dominatrices in a basement flat in London.

Video footage, secretly filmed by one of the women, has been viewed
millions of times on the Internet, and extracts were played during
Mosley's weeklong court hearing against the newspaper this month.


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Duncanville doesn't want Swingtown image
by Brian Allen
Pegasus News (Dallas, TX)
July 24, 2008

DUNCANVILLE - I just finished reading the 19-page affidavit detailing the
charges against The Cherry Pit owners and I'm physically ill. It's more
proof that the image of incredibly gorgeous people having romantic
interludes with no consequences happens only on TV shows.

An informant describes five and six beds put together with couples having
sexual intercourse in plain sight of well- everyone else and a hot tub
with unidentified substances floating on the water.

The only treatment the informant saw for this hot tub was Cherry Pit owner
Jim Trulock skimming the surface with a net and disposing of the
"contents". Yeah, I got ill again just typing that. People that attend
these parties have to sign waivers saying The Cherry Pit is not
responsible for any diseases you may contract.

I pity the person that's gotten to the point that they can't enjoy Friday
night unless they're willing to sign a paper that says "you may get AIDS
if you take another step". The best part? People are paying the club's
owners for these privileges, as the Pit's pulling down a reported $10,000
a month in a residential area. And to think some of us work for a living.

Don't even get me started on the large quantities of liquor and guns
police found in the home Tuesday. Trulock told one party guest there were
"No Trespassing" signs which the club owner said gave him the right to
shoot anyone on the property he didn't approve of. Alcohol, guns and a
misguided sense of justice. I wish I had time to tell you the number of
crime stories that began with those three elements.

I implore the "customers" of The Cherry Pit to think with their brains for
a second. Jim Trulock and Julie Norris are not defending you or your
lifestyle, they're endangering your life.

And hey Jim and Julie, you had a good long run but the jig is clearly up.
I don't know what ruling you will eventually get in court but this
evidence doesn't help. I suspect it's going to be difficult to find a
judge that agrees our constitutional rights include holding swingers'
parties in residential areas. For right now, it doesn't look like you'll
get to party in Duncanville anymore. The smart thing here would be to move
on. Sounds like you can afford it.


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Bondage death garners murder charge
by John Henson
The Columbia Daily Herald (Columbia, TN)
July 24, 2008

A Jacob's Lane woman has been indicted by the Maury County grand jury for
second-degree murder in connection with the bondage death of her husband,
according to court documents.

Rebecca Bargy, 25, is suspected of tying her husband, James Bargy, 29, as
part of a sex game and abandoning him to die of asphyxiation while she was
away for several hours with a boyfriend, according to Assistant District
Attorney Larry Nickell.

Dr. Thomas Deering, a Nashville medical examiner, testified at a
preliminary hearing that James Bargy could not breathe because of the ball
gag in his mouth and the strap tied to Bargy's neck compressed his jugular
vein, contributing to his death.

Authorities found James Bargy's body on the floor of the couple's home at
4 p.m. April 19. Sheriff's detectives said Rebecca Bargy tied her husband
about 7:30 p.m. the previous day.

In a written statement, Rebecca Bargy wrote she had tried to leave her
husband several times and related an incident last year in which her
husband had eaten rat poison because he didn't want to live any longer.


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Texas swingers club a profitable enterprise, court documents show
by Jon Nielsen
KHOU TV (Houston, TX)
July 24, 2008

DUNCANVILLE - The Cherry Pit is more than a weekend hangout for a few
consenting adults.

For the owners of the swingers club, it's a profitable enterprise where
sex, booze and guns collide.

According to court documents released Wednesday, sex parties are held at
the home in the 1300 block of North Cedar Ridge Drive every Friday and
Saturday for 50 to 80 people, or 80 to 100 during special events and
holidays. The documents showed that more than 7,000 people have attended
parties there in the last year and that the owners can earn $10,000 per

Duncanville is trying to shut down the Cherry Pit, which city officials
say is an illegal sexually oriented business. City Manager Kent Cagle has
said that investigators are building a larger case that also includes
charges of organized criminal activity, prostitution, narcotics
trafficking and money laundering.

Cherry Pit's attorney, Ed Klein, said authorities have trumped up the
charges against the Cherry Pit owners - Jim Trulock and Julie M. Norris -
because the city's ordinance last fall targeting the business failed to
shut its doors.

"It's the shotgun approach. They're going to try to allege whatever they
can and see what sticks," said Mr. Klein.

An informant told police that patrons can openly solicit sex acts from
others using "fun money" purchased in a manner similar to buying tokens to
play a game at an amusement park.

So when authorities stormed the sex club last weekend, they found the
expected: a stripper pole, bondage devices and thong underwear draped from
the ceiling.

But what they didn't expect to find was hundreds of bottles of liquor and
a cache of loaded guns.

The stash of liquor and weapons brought in state authorities, prompting a
second raid Tuesday that resulted in the seizure of the liquor.

In the court documents, the informant who attended a party this month
vividly describes a place where patrons walk around in the nude, condoms
are rarely used, bed sheets appear to not be changed and the tepid hot tub
water where sex acts occur isn't chemically treated.

Mr. Trulock, 59, explained to the informant that he has the right to host
private parties in his own home.

"Trulock compared his sexually oriented business to a church group holding
a barbecue and charging a $10 admittance to cover the cost of the food,"
the affidavit said.

Most patrons are usually asked for a $50 donation to attend a party.
Females are usually admitted free, because Mr. Trulock says that single
females attract male attendees.

Patrons also are asked to sign a waiver saying they won't sue the Cherry
Pit over any injuries that occur or any sexually transmitted diseases


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